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Middle Ground Crescent Summary:

Would you trade your family and freedom for superhuman powers? Lacus Autumni is the vice-captain of Crescent, an organization that takes gifted children from their homes and trains them to protect the city. Once day, Crescent’s greatest enemy, Lunar, disappears and gifts stop developing altogether. When Lacus randomly meets the one girl who can solve this mystery, will they save his organization? Or is it better to let it die…

Dive into the world of Middle Ground Crescent today! Episode 1 introduces Lacus Autumni and rival organizations Crescent and Lunar. Who are these groups? What are they after? And why is the ungifted Lacus Autumni in the middle of it all?

Episode 2

Meet Ember Skies and Shira Crescent, and find out what exactly happened four years ago that started all of Crescent’s problems…

Episode 3

Three years after Lunar’s revolt, Lacus is trying to get Shira to finally move on…

Illustrations by krimanga




The Creator

Kristen Hackos “krimanga” is both a writer and artist.

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